Readings from the Hávamál

I’ve decided to start recording things! Today I made the first of what will hopefully be several “podcasts” sharing four different translations of the Hávamál, the “Sayings of the High One,” attributed to Odin, in the hope of sparking conversation and discussion.

It’s absolutely casual, sub-professional stuff. No attempt at in-depth scholarly analysis or giving deep thoughts. I didn’t want to color it too much with my own ideas, but rather encourage anyone who listens to join in the conversation.

The above link is to Podbean, but here’s my attempt at embedding it from SoundCloud:

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Ben Franklin Asatru Experiment

Benjamin Franklin’s pursuit of virtue and productivity has been the subject of some popular blog posts over on LifeHacker and The Art of Manliness. One of his interesting tools was to write down summaries of the virtues he valued; have his press print up a little handbook of them as a weekly calendar; and track himself. This is something we can apply to our practice, which we’ll get to in a moment.  Continue reading

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My Story

After all these years, I’ve finally come (back) to Ásatrú. Continue reading

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